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LiPo Battery 11.1V 2200 Mah 3S /25C


LiPo Battery 2200maH 3s 25C

Perfect power source for a Quadcopter

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This is high performance 3 Cell, 11.1V, 2200mAh, 25C Battery.
It can give discharge current of 50Amps & has ‘T’ type Power connector and 4 pin JST connector for battery charging. It is the most ideal battery for Quadcopters which require high current.

Do not charge this battery with ordinary NICAD chargers.
Never ever allow this battery packs voltage to fall below 9.9V. Over charging may also damage the battery.

Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Battery Voltage: 11.1V
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Number of cells: 3
Maximum constant discharge current: 50Amps (25C)
Maximum charging current: 4 Amps
Recommended battery cut off voltage: 9.9V.
Battery weight: 195gms
Dimensions: Length:10.5cm, Width:3.5cm, Height:3cm
Power Connector: ‘T’ type female power connector with 4mm2 multistrand copper wire
Charge connector: 4pin JST connector

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