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LiPo Battery Charger - 2 cell/3 cell


LiPo Charger for 2/3 cells

Safe to charge LiPo's with this charger

Rs 650.00(VAT excl.) Add

This charger is the most suited charger for LiPo Batteries and is  great value of your money.
- Charges 2cell and 3 cell lipos.
- Comes with an AC plug chord
- Charging current rate 850mA, Power 25w, weight 180g

Input Voltage : 100 - 240V AC50 / 60Hz
Output Current: 3 * 800mA
Suitable for 2 cell and 3 cell Li-Po Batteries

Led Indicators :

Stand by mode : Green
Battery Charging : Red
Battery Full : Green


This B3 Charger is suitable for Li-Po Batteries ONLY!!

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