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0.9v to 5v 600ma USB step up charger

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Step-Up Power Module - normal USB Big socket
Rs45.00(VAT excl.)
0.9v to 5v USB boost converter

600MA Step-Up Booster USB Mobile Power Supply Module

  • Input any 0.9 V~5V dc voltage, all can stable output 5V dc voltage, with a single AA battery power supply can output current up to 200~300 ma,
  • two AA batteries to  output current of 500~600 ma

  1. Input voltage: 0.9-5V DC
  2. Output voltage: 5V DC
  3. Output Current: 500-600mA
  4. Load regulation: ±1%
  5. Voltage regulation: ±0.5%
  6. Input Terminals: Input: IN + input is level, IN-type negative
  7. Switching frequency: 500KHz
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