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4000W 220V AC SCR Voltage Regulator Dimmer

High watts Variac
Rs425.00(VAT excl.)
4000W 220V AC SCR Voltage Regulator Dimmer

This controller uses novel bi-directional high-power SCR.
It can be convenient adjust current up to 25A, solve the over current problem of the heating wire.
The output voltage is adjusted anywhere between 0V ~ 220V for use with electrical appliances.
It can use to such as electric stove, water heater tune thermal, lighting dimmer, etc. It can achieve dimming, thermostats, pressure regulator effect.
4000W 220V AC SCR Voltage Regulator Dimmer Electric Motor Speed Controller can be used to control 220V Appliances.
It can be used as a light dimmer, fan speed controller, stove temperature controller. It Is  easy and simple to use and can control appliances up to 4000W!

Just give AC input to the module and connect the appliance at the output of the module,
then use the onboard potentiometer knob to adjust and set the required power output from your 220V Device.

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