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Stepper Motor Driver L9110

Rs110.00(VAT excl.)

L9110 H-bridge module


The module has 2 L9110 IC’s, so it can control 2 DC motors or 1 stepper motor.
The L9110 works with voltages from 2.5 to 12V and can give a continues current of 800mA. With a maximum peak current of 1.5-2A.

The motors connect to the 2 terminals M1 & M2.
In the side of the male pins are the +MV (VCC) and GND pins. This is the input voltage for the L9110 chips.
Some H-bridges like the L293 and L298 require a logic voltage and a separate voltage for the motors, the L9110 does not. You only have to supply it one voltage (between 2.5 and 12V).

The other 4 pins B1,A1,B2,A2 control the direction and speed of the motors. Pin B1 & A1 control motor A, and PinB2 & A2 control motor B.
To control motor A you set pin A-IA high and pin A-IB low, to change the direction you just set pin A-IA low and pin A-IB high. Same thing for motor B. If you want to control the speed of both motors you will need 4 pwm pins. Instead of just setting a pin high you pwm it.

Here is the sketch to test the module with 2 small DC motors:
Download sketch

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