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ISD1760 Voice Recording & Playback Module  75 secs

Onboard ISD1760 chip.
Onboard microphone, for direct recording.
75 seconds of audio playback.
Recording, Erase, Play, FT (direct), Fast Forward, Reset, Volume buttons.
Easy interface with the microcontroller using male pin headers.
On board Status LED

Supply Voltage; 4.5v-5v
Standby Current: <10mA
Operating Current: <100mA
Length: 51mm (Not including 5mm Jack),Width: 50mm,Height:13mm

Recording time: 6K time 75 seconds, 8K for 60 seconds;
Chip operating frequency 6KHZ and 8KHZ optional;
Controlled not only by buttons but also SPI from MCU
Better voice quality

It has two sampling rate options; 60kHz, and 80kHz.  The audio quality is better when you select 80kHz, but you can only record 60 seconds of audio.  
If you select 60kHz via the sampling jumper , the audio isn't as good, but you can record 75 seconds total.  At 60kHz the audio quality is still decent, but at 80kHz, the audio quality is very nice!  This board requires 5v to operate. There is a 5mm jack in case you wanted to use a wall transformer, but there is also a two pin header that you can connect your 5v supply to easily.  Otherwise, you can solder your supply wires under the board on the solder side.

There is an on board microphone, and you can connect a small speaker  directly to the white SP+/SP- connector located right beside the 5mm power jack.  There are MCU connection lines beside the chip that can be connected to for microcontroller control.  If you have experience in programming SPI interfaces, you can control this module using a microcontroller.  

You can easily interface an audio amplifier to the speaker outputs.  You can also use the audio output jumper for this.  Right beside the power header, there is a two pin header labelled "AUOUT", which stands for audio output.  If you connect the speaker to this header, you will be able to head an un-amplified (Quiet) version of the audio that you have recorded.  This is because the AUOUT signal lines are not pre-amplified.

There are 7 buttons on board.
RESET:  Resets the programmed settings, but does not delete the audio that you've recorded.
VOL:  Lessens the output volume.  Press the RESET button to reset the volume settings.
PLAY - Plays back the last message recorded, or the message that was fast-forwarded to.
REC - Record (Press this button to record a message).
ERASE - Hold this button down until the LED right under the RESET button stops blinking to record all of the saved audio data.
FWD - Fast Forward To The Next Message, Or Record A New Message
FT -pass through operations: FT pin short connect with GND, continued on low TTL will  start passthrough mode. Straight-through the operation will voice from AnalogIn end direct access to speakers or AUD output. During recording, if you press the FT, will also record the incoming voice signal Analn

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