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Accelerometer ADXL335

This module with ADXL335 can be used to sense motion or tilt in 3 axis & can can be directly interfaced with ADC of a microcontroller.

he Accelerometer Module requires no external devices and works on 5V power supply.

  • Simple 5 pin interface (VCC, GND, Xout, Yout, Zout, Self Test)

  • Needs no external components

  • Easy to mount on General purpose PCB, Breadboards and special PCBs

  • Low Current Consumption: 500 μA

  • Low Voltage Operation: 5V

  • High Sensitivity for small movements  & Fast Turn On Time

  • Integral Signal Conditioning with Low Pass Filter

  • Robust Design, High Shocks Survivability

This module is an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) &
is referred as DOF -Degrees of freedom.
3DOF is a simple 3 axis Accelerometer measuring orientation.(ADXL335) -
6DOF is 3 axis Accelerometer with 3 axis Gyroscope(measuring rotation) (ITG3200).
9DOF is along with magnetometer (compass).
Upto 11 DOF is available (with GPS).


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