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APR33A3 VOICE RECORDER 11 minutes Record/Play

Advanced replacement for the well known APR9600

APR33A3 11 Minutes Voice Record/Playback Board

Features  :  
Single Chip, High Quality Audio/Voice Recording & Playback Solution
Operating Voltage Range: 3V ~ 6.5V DC

680 sec.(11 Minutes   at 8 Khz Sampling rate )   Voice Recording Length in APR33A3-C2
Powerful 16-Bits Digital Audio Processor.

Nonvolatile Flash Memory Technology . No Battery Backup Required
Very Low Standby Current: 1uA  . Low Power-Down Current: 15uA

Supports Power-Down Mode for Power Saving . Built-in Audio-Recording Microphone Amplifier
High Quality Analog to Digital and PWM module
Resolution up to 16-bits
Upto 8 voice messages record & playback

How to Operate :

Provide 12v DC as supply to board.On board regulator converts it to 5v for the IC.

Put Jumper  JP1 for RECORD mode.

While in record mode choose any pin from J5 (M0-M7) to select a channel to record the message.

For e.g to record message in channel M0 , Connect M0 to GND  (you can use Jumper J3 GND pin).

Speak through the MIC .The LED LD2 will be ON indicating REC is ON. Once the duration is full ( 1.3 minutes) the LED goes OFF.

Now disconnect the GND Connection from M0 .If you remove this connection in between,the rest duration for that message slot is kept empty.

Playback recorder message :

Connect the speaker to the board J4 Speaker section.
Remove jumper from JP1(REC)section
now connect the MO (of J5 - what we recorded earlier ) to GND.
Status LED(LD2) will be ON till the recorded sound play in the speaker.

Maximum 8 messages can be Recorded & Playback in this method.

To control this board from a Microcontroller connect the I/O port pins to M0 -- M7.
Make the particular Port pin LOW to play back the Recorded message.

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