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Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Control Board


Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Control Board


High performance STM8S103 microprocessor
With 3 digit 7 SEGMENT Display
The data can be output through the serial port
Effective measuring distance: 3 cm-400 cm
Working voltage: 5 V
The measurement distance can be displayed simultaneously on 7 segment display and the serial port

Serial port output:
Plug the ultrasonic module, the VCC of the module, TX, RX, GND is connected to  USB_to TTL 5 V, RX, TX, GND,
 baud serial communication rate 9600, output format: "D: XXX r n ", where XXX represents the distance, the unit is cm

Effective measurement distance of 3cm-400cm beyond this range may result in the data not being allowed or displayed 0

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