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Rs180.00(VAT excl.)

The TX-RX 433MHZ Hybrid module is an effective low cost solution for handling serial data wirelessly within 100 meter range.
The TX-ASK is an ASK hybrid transmitter module. TX-ASK is designed by the saw resonator, with an effective low cost, small size and simple to use .
Low Power Consumption
For remote control applications use Encoder and Decoder ICs along with this module.


Range in open space(Standard Conditions) : 100 Meters
RX Receiver Frequency : 433 MHz
RX Typical Sensitivity : 105 Dbm
RX Supply Current : 3.5 mA
RX IF Frequency : 1MHz
RX Operating Voltage : 5V
TX Frequency Range : 433.92 MHz
TX Supply Voltage : 3V ~ 6V
TX Out Put Power : 4 ~ 12 Dbm

Please note that this device will not support direct UART communication when connected to PC or microcontrollers as there is a lot of noise always available on these frequencies.

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