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Rs75.00(VAT excl.)
soil moisture

Measuring soil moisture is important in agriculture to help farmers manage their irrigation systems more efficiently. Not only are farmers able to generally use less water to grow a crop, they are able to increase yields and the quality of the crop by better management of soil moisture during critical plant growth stages.
Soil moisture sensors measure the water content in soil.A soil moisture probe is made up of multiple soil moisture sensors. One common type of soil moisture sensors in commercial use is a frequency domain sensor such as a capacitance sensor. Another sensor, the neutron moisture gauge, utilize the moderator properties of water for neutrons. Cheaper sensors -often for home use- are based on two electrodes measuring the resistance of the soil.

Power supply 5v DC.
The pin type probe is pressed into the soil.According to soil moisture level , the output Analog voltage varies from 0.6v DC to 5v DC.

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